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Lirik Lagu Stop Me Now

Nothing in the whole wide world can stop me
Ooohhhh Noooothing can stop me
Nothing in the whole wide world can stop me
Oooohh Loving yoooooouuu
Nothing in the whole wide world can stop me
Nothing, Nobody
Can stop me from Loving yooooooouuuu

Foreign exchange, I walk in the rain, still won’t get wet
Nigga flick up the flame twist up the game switch up the chain
Play peek-a-boo I take ya girl and her friend and do a switch-a-roo
Started with a nick and got a 62 it was memorable my plan is worth diggable
Used to stashing work off in a inner tube in middle school
I worked the trap no interviews just told shawty that I’m in to you I’m the type that make a old school a Bentley coupe turn one to ten that’s what I tend to do it’s an amber alert I gotta missing roof it was black and it was travelling fast I love you now I don’t care about your ratchet past designer shoes matching bags let them niggas pop shit baby we popping tags if I ever fall off I’ll be hopping back got a bad bitch with me told her hop in back my car speak she dark meat I be eating MC’s nigga shark teeth Velourz hoodie I ask em what’s for goody if you are what you eat but I am not a pussy you couldn’t stop me with a bunch of Uzi’s and all we really do is shoot a bunch of movies

Started from the bottom now we at the top graduated from high school and bought a choppa orville red and bocker bitch we got it poppin on the block with that white girl cindy lauper

When they saw me they used to think of dope but now when they see me they just think of hope Inspiration no infiltration them niggas hatin I got they bitches naked hand full of ones pocket full of Hunn if I was sellin swag man I woulda sold it to em designer sneaks leather seats they say money talk that’s why you never speak every verse I do is a rest in peace wish this highway to heaven had an extra seat rap game extra sweet big ass charm conversation peice

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