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Lirik Lagu Stop The Clock

If you’re looking for me I’m the stupid girl
With a joyless smile in her own sad world
Walking nowhere all alone without a sense of time
On a cold dark street on a cold dark night, sayin’

This will be the last time
I will let you keep me on sideline
They say insanity is doing all the same things
And thinking that you’re gonna get a different ending

‘Cause I’ve been waiting in the storm for you
Freezing in the cold blowing wind
Can’t tell my tears from the rain drops
I’ve been praying for a little bit of light
Listening for your love all night
With nothing but the sound of my wrist watch
Stop the clock, stop the clock
Never again, never again, never
Never again, never again, never

I can’t wait to hear what your excuse is now
You’re a professional two timing clown
I can only blame myself I let you bring me down
To a place in hell where I couldn’t find a way out

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