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Lirik Lagu Dancing To The Rhythm

Lonely, my life used to be lonely
Lonely as the single lonely number one
Lonely like a lonely sun
With not even one iota to shine upon

Crying, deep inside I was crying
Like the muddy Mississippi, my tears flowed
Carrying with it my lonely soul
With not even a clue of who,
where or what I would become

Oh, how I longed to be possessed by one somebody
To hold me, control me, show me what I should
do with my broken life
But oh, was I lifted when I let your light
inside my body
Then I shed my sorrows for joy, love and
you in my, my, my, my li-li-life

I’m dancing to the rythm of your love
Singing sweet melodies of your sweet, sweet love
Forever greateful for your love

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